2-Player Options

2-Player Options

Sale price$2,500.00

1000s of games in one cabinet. All the modern features you want, including a 32-inch screen, while still giving you all the magic of the full-size arcade cabinets you remember.

Full Size
Our standard 2 player cabinet measures 32" wide x 68" tall x 24" deep. It comes standard with Suza Happ buttons, Sanwa joysticks, and Windows 10 gaming PC with 30,000 games.

Better than the Originals
Original cabinets had 1 game, small monitors, and poor quality sound. Our cabinets support tens of thousands of games on a 32" widescreen standard.

Custom Themes
Our pricing includes a custom design to the theme of your choice. We will connect you directly with one of our graphic designers to make the cabinet of your dreams.

Customize it
We offer many options like upgraded buttons, joystick, trackballs, flight sticks, spinners, acrylic tops backlit control decks, active marquees, and more.

Easy Shipping
Our cabinets ship as an easy to assemble kit to save you money and guarantee you can get it into any room. How easy? It takes us about 20 minutes to build a two-player cabinet, and about an hour for a four-player cabinet.

Fast Turn-Around
Our cabinets are all CNC made and graphics printed in-house. No ten-month wait times here. We typically ship 4-6 weeks after you approve the graphics.